What is included with the course registration fee?
  • Breakfast and Lunch on Saturday and Sunday and snacks/drinks throughout the 3 day course
  • A comprehensive study packet including study guides and sample test(s)
  • All instruction and practice scans needed to sit for the state test
  • State License Application Fee ($112)
What is not included with the course registration fee?
  • UCSD Campus parking fees (Please visit the UCSD Parking site for current rates)
  • State Exam fee ($140, paid directly to the testing site by the student)
  • Local accommodations and transportation (we can provide a list of UCSD-partnered hotels nearby that offer a discounted rate)
Are there any Prerequisites?

No prior radiological or scanning experience, certification, or academic coursework  are necessary to take this course. However, once you have registered for our program, you will be given access to our own online Prerequisite Course, which is meant to be a primer (or refresher) for the topics we will cover in more depth during the 3-day instruction weekend. Two weeks before the in-person class, we will email information to you about how to access our Prerequisite Course. This online Prerequisite Course must be completed prior to attending the in-person class.


Where will I go for the in-person class?

All of our classes are being held at our research laboratory (EPARC) at the Qualcomm Institute on the main campus at UC San Diego in La Jolla, California.   


Where should I park?

We understand parking can be quite difficult here at the UCSD Campus. If you choose to park on campus, you will need to purchase a permit each day. You can visit the UCSD Parking site for current parking rates.  We recommend parking at Hopkins Parking Structure on the corner of Hopkins Drive and Voigt Drive, where there are Visitor parking spots (labeled “V”) available. Hopkins Parking Structure is located a 10-minute walk west of our course location in Atkinson Hall.

What is the dress code for the school?

As you will be interacting with patients and research subjects from the community, we ask that you dress as appropriate for the setting, i.e, no t-shirts, shorts, flip-flops. Scrubs are not necessary.


How long will it take to receive my state license?

After successfully completing our course, it takes about 3-4 months to receive your license from the state. Within one week of successful completion of our course, we will submit all necessary application paperwork to the California Department of Public Health – Radiological Department on your behalf. It will then take 3-6 weeks for the state’s certification unit to mail notification of exam eligibility to each individual student. You will have one calendar year to pay the exam fee ($125) and take the exam. Once you complete the exam, you will receive notification if you passed and will receive your license in 4-6 weeks.


What are the passing requirements for the course?

In order to pass our course, you must obtain a minimum of 80% on both our final written exam and our clinical competency evaluation.


What happens if I don’t pass the UC San Diego school exam?

You will have the opportunity to re-take our final exam. If you do not score at least 80% on the second exam, we will ask you to retake the didactic-only portion of our course at a reduced fee from the full course.

If you do not meet the minimum requirements for clinical competency, you will be allowed to return for additional clinical training. Fees associated with this training will vary depending upon the degree of support required.


What happens if I don’t pass the state exam?

You have one calendar year between receiving your initial eligibility notice from the state to pay for and take your exam. If you do not pass the exam the first time, you will need to pay the exam fee again to retake the test.


What is required to remain certified?

Once you obtain your certification from the state, it is valid for 2 years. You must obtain 24 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) before your permit expires. You will receive a notification from the state 45-90 days prior to your permit expiration date, including a form to report you CEUs.

Does this course meet the requirements for the ARRT Credential in Bone Densitometry?
The ARRT Credential in Bone Densitometry is not the same as the California Limited Permit X-Ray Technician for DXA. Since our course is specifically for the Limited Permit, it does not meet the ARRT credential requirements. Please go the ARRT website for more specific information on how to obtain their credential.
What is the difference between the “Didactic Only” and “Clinical and Didactic Only”

You will need to complete both the Clinical and Didactic Components to successfully pass our course. Both components are required to be eligible for the state licensing exam. The Didactic-only option is for individuals who previously received instruction but did not pass our final exam.


What is the difference between the “Academic/Research” and the “Clinical” options?

Please select Academic/Research option if you plan to use your DXA certification for research purposes as part of at an academic institution. Please select the Clinical option if you plan to use your DXA certification in a clinical setting such as a radiologic imaging department, physician’s office, or a health/fitness center.


When does registration for future courses open?

Registration will open 10 weeks prior to the first in-class date. If you are interested in a course date that is not open for registration yet, please email us at and we will notify you when that course date becomes available.

What is your refund policy?

Greater than 4 weeks: full refund
Greater than 2 weeks, but less than or equal to 1 month: $200 penalty
Greater than 1 week, but less than or equal to 2 weeks: $500 penalty
Greater than 3 days, but less than or equal to 1 week: $750 penalty


Am I eligible for a volunteer scan?

You are eligible to receive free scans through our program if you are referred to us by your physician or are able to have your primary physician sign our “MD Clearance” form.

You may also be eligible if you qualify for one of the current EPARC research studies. Please contact us to see what our lab has going on!

In addition to the above, you CANNOT be scanned for the following reasons:

  1.  You weigh more than 350 pounds
  2.  You cannot lie still for 6-8 minutes (eg. No tremors)
  3.  You have had partial or full hip replacement in BOTH hips (hip replacement in one hip is okay)
  4.  You have had medical imaging requiring dye in the 2 weeks prior to your scan appointment


How do I schedule an appointment?

Please call our main line at (858) 822-7624 or email us at with your name, contact information, and how you heard about about program. We will then add you to our list of interested volunteers and we will call you when appointments become available. Since these appointments are very limited, it may take more than 1 month before we can schedule an appointment for you. We appreciate your patience! We may ask you to submit your signed “MD Clearance Form” as soon as possible (even without a scheduled appointment) as this can help expedite the scheduling process, especially if there are last-minute appointments available.

How long is the appointment?

Appointments are usually about 1 hour, but may take up to 90 minutes. The actual on-the-table scan time is about 10-15 minutes.


Where are you located?

We are located on the main UCSD Campus in La Jolla, CA (west of the I-5 Freeway and the UCSD Medical Center campus). Our lab is on the 3rd floor of Atkinson Hall/CALIT2/Qualcomm Institute, but the building is locked during the weekends, so we request that you call our DXA School phone (858-833-7624) when you arrive for your appointment.


Where do I park?

Once we schedule your appointment, you will be assigned a parking spot in the reserved parking lot adjacent to our building: Lot P503 on the corner of Voigt Drive and Engineers Lane. 


What scans can I have done?

In order to properly train our students, they must complete at least 4 scans on each volunteer. Ideally, you will receive 1 whole body scan (for body composition), 1 hip scan, 1 lumbar spine scan, and 1 forearm scan. If you were referred to us directly by one of our associated physicians at UCSD, we may be able to accommodate another scan at their request and time permitting.


How long will it take to receive results? Can my doctor get a copy?

You will receive a comprehensive report with your results via email within about 1 week of your scan.  If you were referred to us by one of our associated physicians at UCSD, we will also send the results to them directly. If we have asked you to have your physician sign an “MD Clearance” form, you must provide either their fax number or email address (not just a phone number) for us to send a copy of your results report.


Are there other volunteering opportunities for research studies at EPARC?

The Exercise and Physical Activity Resource Center (EPARC) at UC San Diego is at the cutting edge of health science technology, and home to our School of Bone Densitometry.  However, we don’t only do research on bone health; we conduct LOTS of research into health, exercise capacity, exercise efficiency, and technology in health.   If you are interested in seeing what other studies are being conducted, and/or volunteering for research studies at EPARC, visit, call (858) 534-9315, or email for more information.


More questions about the course?
Contact us by Phone: (858) 822-7624 or Email:

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